About Us

Owners Rick and Kim Mojica began Premium prep on a whim. They saw a need for convenient, healthy, and organically produced meals not only in the bodybuilding realm, but also for those overall interested in health. Premium Prep began with a few gym friends and blossomed into a company for all.


    • Premium Prep came about via two routes, Rick and Kim’s. Both Rick and Kim have been competing in the bodybuilding world since 2008. Along with competing, Kim began a personal training company and dove head first into the fitness industry. Through her work with a variety of clientele, it became apparent that nutrition is crucial for any weight loss/muscle growth goals. Yet not every client was willing to put the time and effort into that portion of health. Thus a need for Premium Prep.

    • Rick’s path arose more from leading by example in his home gym. After years of hard work and dedication within the sport of bodybuilding and demonstrating the obvious benefits of living with a certain lifestyle, people began asking questions.  Rick was approached on multiple occasions to prepare meals for gym friends who a) didn’t know how to cook or b) didn’t want to take the time. Thus a need for Premium Prep.

When both paths met, they formed one and Premium Prep was born.

Premium Prep is a family run business with all the qualities of family kept in the forefront. Premium Prep holds a high expectation for each and every meal that runs through the kitchen because of the love for the consumer. Premium Prep is extremely committed to providing it’s customers with wholesome, high-quality, sustainability farmed food. Premium Prep appreciates each and every customer and their decision to purchase from local business. Premium Prep knows that no relationship survives without proper communication and therefore, welcomes all feedback from customers.