What sets us apart?

We stand by our Quality!

  • Premium Prep only uses organic produce and hormone free meats for one reason, HEALTH. The benefits of avoiding pesticides, genetically modified foods and antibiotic/growth hormones in foods are undeniable.
  • Pesticides have the ability to interfere with vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds. Going pesticide free allows the natural antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to flourish in our bodies and promote the prevention of disease. Not to mention the fact that many pesticides are banned in other countries, yet promoted in the US.
  • GM Foods, Genetically Modified Foods are quite controversial and clearly need more long-term effect studies. GMO’s are also question of concern for most developed countries. However, the US and Canada approve studies conducted by the same companies that have created and thus profit from the sale.
  • Antibiotics and growth hormones are a nightmare by themselves. The same growth hormone that is fed to livestock is being transferred to the human body. Recent studies show that precocious puberty rates are at an all time high. Over consumption of antibiotics, even through meats, has the potential to cause a weaker immune system.

    Bottom line: Premium Prep believes in the benefit of this lifestyle and wants to share their beliefs for the benefit of their customers.